Dear partners & friends,

at first let me thank you for your continuous support. You guys make all this possible!

In the following sections you’ll find most info on my 2018 season. Still, this is an excerpt and is most likely not complete. Anyway, I had a great season and hope that you’re happy with the outcome.

Thanks, yours, Tom.


Social Media

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The “How to MTB” Series with Rob Warner and myself were produced by Red Bull Media House and is displayed on the Red Bull TV, “Red Bull Bike” Facebook Page and the “Red Bull Bike” YouTube channel.







“How to Manual” will be released shortly


MBUK | 11 2018

Bergstolz | 7 2018

Bergstolz | 6 2018

Prime | 4 2018

Freeride | 2 2018


NDR | Kaum zu Glauben

10 minutes in the German TV show “Kaum zu Glauben” hosted by Kai Pflaume. I was invited as I’m holding the Guinness World Record for “Fastest 400 meter hurdles on a bicycle”.


Other video projects that were released in 2018

Show & Workshop

48 shows in 35 days

Trial demos are an amazing way to entertain and engage customers in events. The shows are thrilling and as our set up is fairly compact we can do them indoor as well as outdoor and are only millimetres away from the excited spectators.

Check out the gallery below, happy faces all over the place ✌️

13 workshops in 36 days

Most of my workshops are organised by hotels in South Tyrol in various regions. Usually a workshop lasts for 3 days, making it possible to teach basic trial skills that mountain bikers can implement in their trail riding.

Also I’m working with the “Bikeguides South Tyrol” association offering advanced technical training for their members.

You can see some impressions below!